Supernova Jones

*****This game is no longer available.*****

In space, you’ve gotta handle your business…

Earth 2110, mysterious forces have breached sector security, and threaten to destroy research outposts protected by the Novafleet Planetary Defense.

One man stands between the innocent civilian scientist teams and the impending alien onslaught. He’s on a mission to right the wrongs from his past and win back the woman he lost. He is decorated combat pilot and Novafleet outcast, Supernova Jones! Help him battle waves of alien invaders on his quest to rescue his mentor from unknown forces.

Uncover the intriguing back story behind the man, the myth, the legend of Supernova Jones. Learn his story, his cool approach to danger, and where his journey leads.

Part graphic novel, part game, and all attitude, Supernova Jones: Mission to Outpost 13 features a compelling story and explosive retro arcade gameplay from Infinaut Games.

Will Supernova Jones return to save the universe? Maybe he’s out there right now!

Fun Arcade Style Play!
Epic Comic Saga!
Simple “Tilt and Tap” Controls!
Sizzling Graphics!
Game Center Enabled!


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