Pooper Scooper


Everybody loves the Zoo. Few get a glimpse behind the curtain!

In Pooper Scooper, you become Zookeeper Zeke, a man tasked with the impossible – to single-handedly keep the Zoo clean of animal “products”. Working at a feverish pitch, Zeke must scoop up after the animals, and dump their loads into a waiting tractor. Every second counts. No time to dally – there is poop to scoop!

Miss any of the piles, and the crowd will let you have it. Miss TOO many, and lose your job!

Pooper Scooper - Available on the App Store

Pooper Scooper was the very first game from Infinaut Games in 2009. We’ve come a long way since then, but this game has always been something that we thought had potential and knew we could make better. Now we have. Completely redesigned – all new animation, more animals, better game play, all new audio and entertaining commentary, plus – graphics ready for the new iPad!
Now, it even includes instructions! 😉

Features include:

  • Work your way from the humble chicken to bigger and bigger animals.
  • Think you can make it to the top?
  • Upgrades! Improve your shovel! Get a bigger tractor!
  • See how your pile measures up at the end of the game!
  • Challenge your friends to beat your score on Game Center!

Completely redesigned!
Compatible with the new iPad screen resolution!
All new animated characters!
New music and sound effects!
More animals!
More crowd “commentary”!
More FUN!

Download the app, and get to scoopin’!

Pooper Scooper - Available on the App Store


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