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Guitar Companion Gets Major Updates

Guitar Companion 4.0 is available now in the App Store! So many new features to discuss, but we are really excited about the new Favorites function. With over 175,000 chords available, Favorites lets you make groups for fast access and playback. Use it to group chords for a song you are learning, chord progressions, or as a tool to refer to while writing your own music.

In addition to the new Favorites feature, GC 4.0 now has:

  • Strum Patterns – Tons of fun experimenting with chords and patterns at different playback speeds – a great inspirational tool for finding a new sound or learning a new style.
  • Scales Playback – Practice along with scales at any speed. You’ll be shredding that solo in no-time!
  • Zoom – Now on our iPad version also. Great for using Guitar Companion as a teaching aid.
  • Restore My Purchases Button – Something you purchased previously not showing up? Simply click this and login with your iTunes account to get everything back.
  • Plus, New Display Options:

Right or Left Handed
Choice of Neck Direction (iPad only – simply rotate device in landscape)
Choice of Default, European or Japanese notes


The biggest change that we have made is in the pricing. Frankly, keeping up with all the piecemeal add-ons was a big pain and kind of frustrating for most folks. Now, one price unlocks it all – get rid of ads, get all the metronome beats, alt tunings, strum patterns, and skins for only $4.99! (US App Store)

We’ll get into more detail soon, and hopefully post some more demo vids to help you get the most out of Guitar Companion. In the meantime, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay updated, and drop us a line if you have any questions or suggestions!