Mandolin Companion

Mandolin Companion for iPhone & iPad

Using this cutting edge music tuning app, you can ensure your Mandolin never goes out of tune again!

A must have for any bluegrass musician (or really, any musician playing any genre of music!). Impress your friends, and make the ladies swoon. Make no mistake, my friend – your mandolin DEMANDS you tune with nothing other than “Mandolin Companion”.

Mandolin Companion - Available on the App Store


  • Simple Intuitive Interface
  • Tuner – Learn to tune by ear, click a peg to start or stop
  • Chord Charts – Multiple positions for each chord – over 1,600
  • Scales – Over 150 scales – from Blues and basics to more obscure charts
  • Display Options – Finger positions, intervals, or notes
  • Auto Strum – Hear the selected chord
  • Manual Strum – Play a chord by swiping across the strings
  • Dynamic String Indicators – Show which string or note is playing
  • Metronome – Basic beats with time signature options
  • Drum packs – Get more out of practice with a variety of drum tracks available
  • Landscape mode for iPad
  • Localized for 16 languages

Download the app, and get in tune!

Mandolin Companion - Available on the App Store

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